those 13 1/2 yr old'ers who put on the sexy façade with the "gangsta gangsta" poses. w/ captions that read "This is me w/ no make-up" or "You know your man's hidin under my bed"
Giga hos & pixel pimps, speak easy. In other words: shut the fuck up.
by HeatheRenee April 27, 2007
Top Definition
1- A woman 1024 times sluttier than her peers

2- An aggregate measure consisting of 1024 whores
Your mom's a gigaho!

That university has over 5 gigahos of stupid bitches.
by Batrastard April 21, 2003
(jig-ah-hoe) N. Gigaho is dreived from two words, gigolo and and whore, a slang basically stating that someone is a male prostitute x 2.
1)Man, you a gigaho!
2)What a gigaho!!
by April G. January 27, 2008
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