When a wrestler is hit in the face with an object that is most likely to make him bleed (such as a chair) and while he is on the ground he cuts his head (because wrestling is fake and he isn't bleeding from the hit ) and when he gets up the blood starts to flow out of his head at this point he is giging.

The word gig is used because the wrestler is doing his job (the more commonly known slang for a job gig)
(Sitting with a friend watching wrestling)
-Random Guy "Man he just hit the crap out of him with that chair"
-Random Guy 2"Oh now he's giging I see him cutting his forehead"
-Random Guy "Oh yeah he's bleeding now he's giging pretty bad
by Nile Overton January 10, 2008
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A live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical.
The band has a gig tommorow night.
by Shannon April 09, 2003
1. A job, usually in the entertainment injustry.
2. An abbreviated form of "gigabyte."
3. A verb meaning to use a spear-like implement to stab into a small animal such as a fish or frog.
1. For a day gig I do editing for the Food Channel.
2. I have a 60-gig drive you can borrow.
3. My cousin and I went out frog gigging last night.
by the other theo July 02, 2004
to go dumb on the dance floor.. get into it mayne! yadadamean!?
"Gig so hard make my pants fall down!!"
by thizzin_it April 16, 2005
Glasses, spectacles, sunglasses
Look at those gigs he's wearing.
by Zmugzy July 16, 2008
to have rythm in dance, to be able to dance and excel in it.
Damn that girl got some gigs.
by Kihara June 02, 2005
Job, usually referring to the music and entertainment industry. Can also apply to contract work in the IT and computer field . Any temporary or incidental employment.
I start a new gig this Friday playing guitar at the blue's club.

I just got a gig as assistant director on a feature film.
by gigmode June 05, 2007
a computer term meaning gigabyte.
How much gig do you have left?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003

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