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verb, imperative - A misspelling of the imperative "give" of the verb "to give" that is now an actual word commonly used in online games like mmorpgs. The word was probably coined by a rude guy unreasonably demanding people to give him stuff and typing this out very messily. People now use this word mockingly when posing demands.
Deathkillmurder: "m8s look at this uber bow I won in lotto!"
Fotmscout: "gifv bow!!11"
Gimpmanceralt: "wow, that's a nice piece of kit. I'll give you 10 plat for it"
Fotmscout; "gifv!11!!"
Deathkillmurder: "lol"


Husband: "gifv dinner"
by Bassie December 02, 2004
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