One who attends special classes for those who learn faster than normal kids. They have a high IQ and are often stereotyped as socially-challenged.
Damn gifties! Making us look stupid....
by chaichai March 23, 2005
Top Definition
A student who attends "gifted" classes- special education for those that are more intellectual that the typical student. They may be junior school or high school students.
Gifties tend to hang out in the drama hallway.

The gifties get to do all the fun stuff.

Are you in any giftie classes?
by Phwoar! January 21, 2004
A classification of the classes. Gifties are usually the smarter, more random, tomboyish person. (At least, our class is...)

Lots of people I know think gifties are freaking retarded nerds. If that's what you think, go shoot yourself, get raped by a rabid goat and left on the street to die.

Person 1: Omigod, look at that person, she's so energetic!

Person 2: Think she's a giftie, frenchie or normie?

Person 1: Giftie, d'uh!
by Jazzehlolz February 16, 2009
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