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a .gif file used as a gift.
Sam gave me a sweet GIFt -- two hot chicks making out over and over again!
by greenknight04 November 25, 2010
Grandma I'd fuck twice...

My ex-girlfriends mom is a gift..
"my brothers neighbors wife is a gift...."

"Whats that?"

A grandma I'd fuck twice....
by don flavio October 04, 2007
a hypothetical situation used to trick someone into believing something kinda ridiculous
jimmy: you can eat poker chips?
kappy: oh my god, how did you buy that gift?
by deleiris August 04, 2005
egotistical, a person who thinks they're Gods GIFT to the world.
That guy is such a gift.
by Stitchface December 01, 2003
a hottie, an acronym for "guy (or girl) I'd f**k today (or tomorrow)"
you don't have to get me anything for my birthday, you're the gift
by j9 g'ski June 14, 2006

Grandma I'd Fuck Tonight.
Whether her and her kids are sluts at a young age or you're just really into wrinkles, her shaggy poon is a Gift to you.
"I don't care how many little bastards she's got, I'd still pound that Gift's decrepit old ass."
by godofapathy February 21, 2008
It means poison in German, one of a couple of words that sound like English but have funny meanings in German.

Rad or cool.
Das Gift stinkt wie Updawg.

That flip was so gift.
by papermachete November 02, 2005