a .gif file used as a gift.
Sam gave me a sweet GIFt -- two hot chicks making out over and over again!
by greenknight04 November 25, 2010
a tool for getting sex. The exchanging of gifts has been around for thousands of years. It is more of a mating ritual than a practice of love.

Gifts are given to hot girls next door/receptionists/co-workers/and even grandparents. Good places for gift giving include public pools/libraries/highscools/and garage sales (hosted by people who clearly don't want the gifts they've recieved in the past)
Greg: "I can't get Sandy to have sexual intercourse with me...i've tried shoving my flesh stick into her face while it is long and hard but she just turns away" Fabio: "Give her a gift dude. Flowers, Chocolate or how about a romance novel featuring yourself? That one's worked for me everytime!"
by WashingtonPost February 12, 2010
Grandma I'd fuck twice...

My ex-girlfriends mom is a gift..
"my brothers neighbors wife is a gift...."

"Whats that?"

A grandma I'd fuck twice....
by don flavio October 04, 2007
egotistical, a person who thinks they're Gods GIFT to the world.
That guy is such a gift.
by Stitchface December 01, 2003
a hottie, an acronym for "guy (or girl) I'd f**k today (or tomorrow)"
you don't have to get me anything for my birthday, you're the gift
by j9 g'ski June 14, 2006
a hypothetical situation used to trick someone into believing something kinda ridiculous
jimmy: you can eat poker chips?
kappy: oh my god, how did you buy that gift?
by deleiris August 04, 2005

Grandma I'd Fuck Tonight.
Whether her and her kids are sluts at a young age or you're just really into wrinkles, her shaggy poon is a Gift to you.
"I don't care how many little bastards she's got, I'd still pound that Gift's decrepit old ass."
by godofapathy February 21, 2008
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