Any kind of opiate based painkiller in pill form.
Oh man I'm feeling pretty crazy after snorting all of those gifts.
by Guysnatchley August 03, 2010
Top Definition
The period or better the curse. You cannot see, but for sure you can feel the inverted commas on it.
Most appropriately, a "gift" from Mother Nature: for girls, a confirmation of her sick sense of humour.
I got my gift when I was shopping, great.

ahhhhh take it away .... pokes gift .... its not going away is it?.... :( why mother nature why !!!!

my gift finally arrived but on the worst day. cheers.

ive just ad my gift thanks not one of my fav pressies!!! lol
by a,men May 25, 2009
Cool, sick, tight, off the chain, etc. Irish slang
Your new whip is gift.
by Rene J. Rojo November 28, 2004
Also: G.I.F.T.

See Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
Person 1: Wow, what a fine example of GIFT in action; he managed not only to use 15 contradictory racial slurs in a row, but he misspelled 10 of them.
by The Baron March 27, 2004
A .GIF file and/or link send to a friend as a pleasant surprise can also be known as a GIFt. A mashup of the words GIF and gift, respectively. EG:
1."Hey man, just found this! Have a GIFt on me!"

2."Jerry's so cheap - I spent £20 on him for Christmas and all he could get me was a crappy little GIFt"
by Saville Vajazzle December 21, 2014
Guy I'd Femininely Tackle
OMG, VIK. I was working on my kankles in the gym and this GIFT walked by me. I think he winked at me. Yummy.
by GABS© February 28, 2014
A graphics interchange format featuring Taylor Swift. gif + ts (Taylor Swift) = gifts
Did you get the gifts I sent you?
I love these gifts.
I saw the best gifts today on Tumblr.
I want to thank everyone for these delightful gifts.
by ZMP17 April 02, 2011
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