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a gift of clothing given by an older person, or a person who thinks they can determine what another would be caught dead in!! most people fail miserably at this!!

-clothing remains one of the most personal of gifts!! nevertheless, it IS a gift! and gets jokers "off the hook" -the more 'personal' a gift gets, the more potential problem/s with it!!! -if you're going to 'get personal', you better know the person DAMN WELL!!
i got a gift of clothes not toys!! i can put something over my buttle anytime!!

i hate to be ungrateful, but i can't hop up and down about a gift of clothes! -how about an electric masturbator??

my aunt theodora gave me some silk socks!!...guess i can use them for a 'jizz basket'!!
by michael foolsley December 28, 2009
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