Short for who cares. Instead of saying who gives a crap, just say gives. It is usually pronounced as a question... Gives?
Person A says: I was going to the store and blah, blah, blah
Person B responds: Gives?
by Philip Cutrone June 10, 2005
Top Definition
a term used to describe a long term girlfriend who acts like a wife, but has no legal protection or benefits that are associated with being legally married.
"Lakita is always playin' the gife role, and not the wife role by taking care of her boyfriend's house and kids."
by jaxx1108 December 23, 2006
an insult to offend the cleanliness of one's self; EXTREMELY FILTHY
"Man, the dog crap on my shoe is cleaner than you, you gife!"
by Pappy April 18, 2005
to steal something.
" its like i was born to GIFE, sometimes i have to GAFFLE, use a stolen credit card to purchase over half the raffle..." - nome from SLOGANS HEROS
by dott May 21, 2015
A method in which one follies.
"He would have won the race; if he hadn't gifed on the second turn."
by Gimmel Warde October 10, 2006
so dirty that this is the only word to describe that
filthy rotten teeth that are so dirty it makes ur eyes ache
by Pappy April 17, 2005
Act of getting sexual satisfaction from the opposite sex
Bruh, i got mad gives last night from AJ
by Basquiat97 April 12, 2016
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