Pocket change, coins
yo lemme get some gidge bro, I needa hit dat colt 45 son.
#coins #change #pocket change #spare change #silver
by PaulyM November 29, 2007
Top Definition
A kink or slight pain in your muscle or on some part of the body.
I've a pretty bad gidge in my neck.
#pain #sore #kink #aids #muscle pain #muscle #ache #sharp #twist #hurt
by Vince P December 04, 2007
Beautiful beyond words.
Everything to do with her is beautiful
Krystle is Gidge
by Marcus June 06, 2004
The fluid collected on the foil covering for a yogurt container.
That moment when you're peeling back the foil on the yogurt container and it spits its watery gidge at you.
by GoobDog January 14, 2016
To have a quick look at something
Have you seen that post I posted to your wall? "I'll have a gidge mate"
#look #see #mooch #gander #blimp
by synathnic February 05, 2015
The feeling you get in the corner of your jaw (below your ears) when you eat or drink something tart.
Oh man! Those sweet tarts got me in the gidges!
#tart #sour #tingling #sweet #neutral
by Mrs Bluejeep January 15, 2014
Gidge is a small kinda odd looking man who lives in a trash can. He is completely hairless except for the palms of his hands. He can usually be found peering out over the edge of his trash can, the lid laying on the ground next to the can.
Everybody knows you're going out with Gidge, Amy!
#creepy bald guy #little bald guy #hairy palmed little bald guy #bald guy with hairy palms who lives in a trash can #generally bald and creepy
by Captain BJ June 21, 2007
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