A methhead or crackhead that drinks Steel Reserve all day and projectile shits on the back wall of various park facilities. Covered in dried vomit, usually missing many teeth and reeking, since they haven't bathed in weeks, they are sometimes found pissing themselves as well. They are generally harmless but caution is urged when approaching them, depending upon how fucked-up they are. Because of their extreme abuse and mistreatment of their bodies, they look much older than they actually are. Summary execution is urged, but that is not yet legal in the United States.
Goddamn, dude, the ghouls are out tonight. That one just pissed on that car and one just drunkenly lurched toward me. And I just saw one passed out in his own vomit on that bathroom floor.
by The GJK August 19, 2009
A human like creature that's gonna eat you if you go out at night.
That guy was eaten by a ghoul.
by BEN_Drowned April 10, 2015
A criminal attorney, either defense or prosecution, who thrives on cases of violence.
Every time this guy gets a murder or assault case the first thing he checks out are the crime scene photos. He loves to go to the morgue. The guy's a fucking ghoul.
by urbandot November 30, 2012
(n) a baby ghost or young ghost that is particularly common around halloween but still seen during average days of the year; also slightly less scary then a ghost depending on it's age
"Woah dude, did you just see that ghoul float by? It was like a tiny version of that ghost that also just floated by!"
by LainoBottis May 28, 2009
A unehtical reporter that stops at nothing to get a story
The ghoul broke in to the funeral to interview the grieving widow.

The ghouls on the 6 O'clock news speculated about the last few minutes of the victim's life.
by Tim Freckman March 17, 2003
A crude way to refer to a vagina
- I fingered that chick's ghoul last week!
- I don't see a girl over there...
by youdbesolucktoknowme October 14, 2007
Originally is an Arabic concept, the word is translated from Arabic stories such as "one thousand night and night "and "Sinbad" , it is mythological creature which is extremely big with an apatite for young human meet described some times to have only one big eye and lives in caves, parents used to scared their little children by this concept.
The mom : Dont go playing at the woods or the ghoul will come and eat you.
by salah Aradi January 17, 2007
A pale-faced drunk who sucks the happiness out of everything in her path.
"Dude, do you think Corey resembles a ghoul?"
"Yeah, shes the ghoulfriend!"
by Bud Longneck March 22, 2008

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