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A methhead or crackhead that drinks Steel Reserve all day and projectile shits on the back wall of various park facilities. Covered in dried vomit, usually missing many teeth and reeking, since they haven't bathed in weeks, they are sometimes found pissing themselves as well. They are generally harmless but caution is urged when approaching them, depending upon how fucked-up they are. Because of their extreme abuse and mistreatment of their bodies, they look much older than they actually are. Summary execution is urged, but that is not yet legal in the United States.
Goddamn, dude, the ghouls are out tonight. That one just pissed on that car and one just drunkenly lurched toward me. And I just saw one passed out in his own vomit on that bathroom floor.
by The GJK August 19, 2009
Group of creeps based in Northern New Jersey. Ghouling includes trespassing in abandoned placed, running from cops, and circle pitting around parking lots at 4am.
Wanna have a ghoul's night out after the show?
by Tim January 19, 2004
Anyone who has a powerful and, sometimes, uncontrollable desire or yearning for something. May be used in the same nature as "slut", "whore", "fiend", or "junkie", in the sense of someone who is crazy for something. However, usually "ghoul" labels the people with the more serious cases of lusting for something.

Common "ghoul" focuses are: sex, drugs, food, porn, alcohol, money, gambling, caffeine, spending, candy, etc...
"Look at that kid sucking down those chocolates. He is a candy ghoul."

"Beer...beer...BEER!" (think: Brains...Brains!)
by Raigafan18 April 15, 2009
A ghoul is epitomized by having a 'funny' animal themed profile picture instead of themselves on Facebook.
1:Did you see Davids profile pic? Who thinks a cat wearing sunglasses would be funny.
2: I know! That guy Weston is SUCH a ghoul.
by taps February 28, 2012
a living person who has lived before and is the spirit of that deceased person ... preserver of there personal faith
also has the body of that person but has never died in spirit ... a spirit of the dead or soul of a dead person living in the persons ... next life body again ... that has never died
my girlfriend was a ghoul
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
A person who protest at a soldiers funeral. Which is seen in the news from time to time. They are members of a hate group.
Some ghouls are coming in for the funeral.
by Deep blue 2012 May 19, 2010
Follower of Satan that attacks churches and crushes holy priests. Is adept at turning the cross towards hell as well. Wrote about by Morbid Angel
"GHOULS! Attack the church! Crush! The Holy Priest!"
by Tyrant Lizard September 12, 2009
(n) a baby ghost or young ghost that is particularly common around halloween but still seen during average days of the year; also slightly less scary then a ghost depending on it's age
"Woah dude, did you just see that ghoul float by? It was like a tiny version of that ghost that also just floated by!"
by LainoBottis May 28, 2009