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a Ghost Rider is any motorcyclist that rides with no license plate to make it easier to run from cops. usually ghost riders have an all black bike and clothing and never stop for the flashing blue lights
the ghost rider flys by with the police on his tail
by Sizmeup September 10, 2010
39 31
Sexual position where the girl is on top with a sheet over her so she looks like a ghost.
We were doing the ghostrider so she had no idea I fell asleep.
by Flash Man August 03, 2008
26 18
A girl that only sleeps with White men!
I like her but every guy i see her with is White.
Yeah she must be a Ghost rider.
by celicaJ August 07, 2012
9 7
A combative employed by bicycle cops. You take an unmanned bicycle and ram it into your opponent.
The park ranger ghost ridered the purse snatcher after he decided to fight instead of surrender.
by CumbreVieja February 12, 2013
7 7
noun: a lit marshmallow engulfed in flames

verb: (ghostriding): when a lit marshmallow engulfed in flames while waving it around in a badass fashon
we were making s'mores and i made an awesome ghostrider.

hey check it out my marshmallow is a ghostrider.
by McAwesomesauces June 25, 2011
3 4
While riding a bicycle, one builds up alot of speed and then jumps off, making it appear to have a ghost riding the bike.
Hey there is nobody riding that bike. It must be a ghost rider
by Pants87 February 12, 2010
7 9
When the driver of a vehicle, to your amazment, performs fellatio on you while she is still in full control of her automobile. Works better if you steer the wheel...
This bitch gave me a bad ass ghost rider when we left Burger King.
by James 2 Fly February 15, 2009
20 22