While the car is still running, the driver opens the door and places a foot on the ground, while the other is pushing the gas peddle. The driver then cranks the steering around towards him, so that he is doing 360s.
You can ghost ride, but dont hit anything
by minoxydil April 08, 2006
the act of bundling someone while riding a bike or motorcyle, and allowing the bike to continue its forward progress with no rider. Also jumping off said bike and allowing it to go directly into a group of people.
Yo dude, lets make that sucka ghost ride
by Fitz April 09, 2003
a car or a ride which is not too recognised.probably because it's old-fashioned or unattractive.
look at him on his ghost ride.no chics attached!
by jay shay 4 real! December 30, 2005
Ghost ride is when you drive so low they cant see you driving
"Ghost ride tha whip"

- E-40
by rawrawrrawr January 16, 2006
Going fast without leaning left and right during a street race.
Top speed. Ghost ride without leaning left and right.
by Death0A June 29, 2015

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