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The "Ghost Dick" phenomena occurs after a night of especially vigorous sex. It is the feeling of the penis still being inside the female.
Ghost Dicked - past tense
"I went so hard last night, this morning she had my ghost dick."
"I ghost dicked her"
by the ghost dicker April 12, 2012
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when a guys bangs a girl and eventually leaves before anybody finds out, or even before the girl he banged wakes up in her room... like it never happened.
jim: hey mike, did you here little timmy banged angie at the party last night.

mike: no man, really? i was there too, man he must a ghost dicked her then cause nobody seen it and he was gone before we woke up!

Angie waking up that mornin...
man why is my pussy soar....aww goddamn it! little timmy pulled the old ghost dick trick again..
by dfinster February 21, 2010
When a woman blacks out from a night of drinking and can't remember who she received the strong plow from.
Got so turnt last night that I don't remember who I fucked. Hashtag Ghost Dick.
by Roly Poly Oly April 11, 2014
A prank where one knocks on a person's window late at night, and when said person goes to the window to check out the noise he/she is confronted with the prankster's exposed penis.
"OHHH shit son! You just got ghost dicked!"
by Stickyzombie February 22, 2010
1. when a female's frontal lower half falls asleep, then engages in sexual intercourse and is not able to feel penetration.

"my pussy was so numb, felt like a ghost-dick!"
by venus indigo & saturn magenta April 07, 2008

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