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when you think you take a huge dump but then u get up and theres nothing there.
ghost poopie is phonemenon.
by only$19.99,less s+h January 12, 2004
When You Take a shit, feel it come out and even hear it land in the toilet, but when you get up nothings there causing you to run away and call a paranormal investagator
"Holy Shit thers nuthin there, run dude my toilets haunted!!!"
"Its Just a ghost poopie, dont freak!"
by urkal January 17, 2007
The poop to which you sat down on the toilet, felt and saw your poop come out..but as soon as you stand up, there's no poopie in the toilet! When you whipe, theres no poopie on the toilet paper either!
Person1: I pooped but it's not in the toilet bowl! Is it magic?

Person2: No, it's a ghost poopie.

Person1: Wait..Why are you in the bathroom with me?

Person2: Awkward....>.>
by vyngenceinside July 10, 2008
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