having sex with a black person, in a dimly lit room... so it appears as if no one else is in the room...
whats with all this ghost fucking going on at these clan meetings.
by mr.don ke hote punch May 27, 2009
Top Definition
Doing doggy to your girlfriend/lover infront of a window, getting another guy to take over and going outside/inside to stand infront of the window the girl is looking out of.
Ghost fucking is cruder name for ghosting.
Gustav's would love to try ghost fucking, if he hasn't allready.
by A. Fox March 31, 2008
Meeting a random person, having sex with them, and leaving before ever exchanging names or numbers; as if you where never there.
Please don't tell me your name, we are ghost fucking.
by Fujidubo August 09, 2011
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