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( noun) (1) social networking friends who are in your network, but have zero to minimum activity. (2) Friends who post no statuses, pictures and never bother to comment on anything and are wasting cyberspace.
I've already deleted nosey Rosy from my Facebook and now she's sending another friend request! She was totally inactive before, I don't anymore boring ghost friends .
by CyberDiva October 15, 2010
When you unfriend someone on Facebook without telling them, and without them figuring out that it's you that unfriended them.
"Dude, I totally unfriended Paul, and he has so many Fakebook friends, he didn't even notice"

Ha Ha "you're such a ghost friend"
by thegranitehills February 03, 2010
When an unknown person gets added to your friends list on MySpace, you know because you see your friend count increases on your homepage.
WTF, who the fuck did I add??? Ghost friend...
by anonymousssssssss December 08, 2007
(n) - when you befriend a new friend and that friend does not have a Facebook account.
After meeting Dave, I wanted to send him a friend request on Facebook. Dave told me that he did not have a Facebook account and that I will have to Ghost Friend him.
by gambler325 June 17, 2016
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