Ghost cock, the sensation of still being full of cock days or weeks after a thorough pounding.........
My man banged me into next week, I still have ghost cock and its only day four.....Usually by a dude named Keon!
by tanukionb8s December 17, 2011
Top Definition
The elusive feeling of a cock being brushed against ones face and then fading away just as quickly.
George: You look confused. Sup?

Nelly: I think I just got ghost cocked!

Max zips up pants. "Huh?"
by Ghost Cocker August 04, 2007
Getting the dick and then making it disappear out of your house when you're done.
Yes! I love the ghost cock.
by ballhandler39 July 09, 2014
(verb) The act of thrusting your pelvis at someone and yelling "GHOST COCK!!!" in an act of surprise and humiliation. Usually used to piss someone off or catch them unaware. Originated through a gay joke that went weird somewhere, by Will, Danny and Anthony.
"GHOST COCK!!!" screamed Will as Anthony turned the corner.

"What the- Aw, fuck. How did you know I was coming?" Anthony said.

"You didn't see me, but I saw you," said Danny, laughing his ass off.
by qrst one December 10, 2009
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