Scottish walking shoe. Ghillies are black leather shoes worn tradtionally in the Scottish highlands. They are made without tongues to allow moisture to escape should the wearer tread in a puddle or wet spot. The laces are very long and are usually tied around the ankle or calf. Also called "ghillie-brogues".

Ghillies also come in a soft-soled version and are used in dancing both Irish step and Scottish Highland styles. These shoes are essentially the same, but are made of much softer leather to allow ease of movement when dancing.
"Man, these new ghillies are killing my feet!"
by ThePiper June 13, 2004
Top Definition
A soft black leather shoe that laces up, and is used for irish dance. Steps such as jigs, reels, and slipjigs.
Befor starting the jig i laced up my ghillies.
by Ally April 04, 2004
A soft black leather shoe that laces up around the ankle and is used for soft shoe Irish dance. Used for steps such as jigs, reels, and slipjigs. Also see irish dance, poodle socks and hardshoes.
I laced up my ghillies and started a reel.
by Irish Dancer April 05, 2004
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