the bush that just shot you
Noob: OMGWTF i cnt c tha sn1p3r!!!
Pro: Ghillie suit nub
by mctater March 15, 2010
Top Definition
A real life garment used by the military, a poncho like material is attached with fresh leafs and woodland materials so the user can blend in with the given enviroment. A suit donned by Snipers, typically SAS and such.
The Ghillie has also featured in FPS video games, COD4, CODWAW, this gives the user(a sniper can only use them) a tactical advantage when it comes to grassy areas, but the developers pulled them off poorly and they rarely work.
Guy1- OMG, that ghillie suit guy keeps sniping me

Ghillie- lolz at u nubcake

Guy1- Your a noob!
by daws09 March 02, 2009
a camoflage suit, popular with snipers in any terrain, to pick of enemy without being spotted, appeared in the game ghost recon (though to not much effect), its especially usfull to pick of the nasty Arabs and Iraqi's, It was also used by gamekeepers to keep a look out for poachers
Arab 1 : Hmmm..the horizon looks clear... ARGGGGGGG!!!!
Arab 2 : cant see anyone...must be a sniper wearing a ghillie suit
by {CSA}Infrared June 13, 2006

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