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"King of the Burbs" AKA John Brown who is an ENTITY. A momvement aimed at reviving the Ghetto spirtually, economically, socially, and most importantly RESPECTFULLY!!! Rep your Tall-tee, Rep ying-yang twins, Rep your Hood, Rep Wu-Tang, and most importantly rep Ghetto Revial.
Lets get this franchise poppin!

Ghetto Revival is in the Building!
by LaMontt March 03, 2007
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THe Ghetto Revival is a shirt made by John Brown a finalist in the White Rapper Show. Ghetto revival means taking the ghetto and reviving it It is not clearly explained by John Brown.
The future is coming, The GHetto Revival. Haullejah HollaBack. I love the Hate it gives me a purpose.-John Brown
by Gozzy February 26, 2007
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Fixing up the Ghetto by making it a nicer place for the pim's,hoe's,thugs ect.
Thug1: hey b did you hear about the new strip-club down the bloc?

Thug2: Jeah Nigga dat's part of da Ghetto Revival.
by Skeletal Lightning January 11, 2007
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