A Red Lobster in a really Ghetto location with staff and clientele to match.
That location is a seriously Ghetto Lobster.
#ghetto lobster #ghetto #lobster #time square #new jersey
by Zer0_Divide March 30, 2012
Top Definition
A baby who's been 'disciplined' with hot water (immersed in a pot of boiling water, for example) by someone with poor parenting skills attributed to an economically under-privileged upbringing.
That's no baby with a sunburn; that's a ghetto lobster.
#child abuse #burns #poverty #hot water #torture
by Dead Nancy January 04, 2008
A ghetto lobster is a person who acts and dresses ghetto, but they are no where close to being ghetto. They are not: poor, drug addicts, high school dropouts, or of African American desecent. They are the polar opposites, except for the fact that they like to get down in their gangster/ghetto outfits to rap and hiphop music. They most likely live in the rich suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey.
She's so ghetto lobster - she acts all ghetto, but she's from one of the richest towns in our state!
#ghetto lobster #lobster #ghetto #gangster #bergen county #gangsta
by NotAGhettoLobster March 22, 2007
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