Two pieces of toast, 2 pieces of cheese with the plastic wrapper removed, assemble it and then nuke it in the microwave oven until the cheese melts.
Dad's making ghetto grilled cheese sandwichs for supper, "Let's see if we can eat at a friends house tonight!"
by Dave Sladek May 24, 2007
Top Definition
Two pieces of buttered bread and a slice of cheese stuck together in a sandwich and stuck together in a toaster. Usually made by someone who is too lazy or a terrible cook to do it on the stove.
My toaster smells like burnt cheese from all the ghetto grilled cheese sandwiches I've made.
by ViviWannabe July 18, 2009
A sandwich that is prepared with cheese between two slices of bread then placed in a brown paper bag and cooked by pressing a hot iron over the bag.
After doing his laundry, a typical Riker's Island inmate will make a ghetto grilled cheese sandwich before unplugging the iron.
by boratfan September 08, 2009
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