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something orginated by broke people that is good no matter how much money you have
This morning I was doing it ghetto-fabulous. I had a fried bologna sandwich.
by MissFontella June 08, 2004
29 49
When a poor dude gets rich yet he still fries boloney on the stove.
That ghetto fabulous mofo is wearing a folex with his fosacci.
by chip July 18, 2003
43 63
Ghetto fabulous is supposed to be rocked by ghetto people to raves. It is supposed to be stylish and sexy but due to certain people it has now got the reputation as being gawdy and tacky.
Jennifer Lopez is not ghetto fabulous
by Senita January 02, 2006
55 76
- Lexi Mino
Person 1: Mmm, look at this, look at that.
Person 2: Shiiit maan
Person 1: She's the definition of Ghetto Fabulous!
Person 2: heeelllll yaaaah she is ;)

by saraaab August 12, 2008
4 26
The supposedly gangsta appeal that you'd see from rappers and shit on BET
Woah, did you see G-Unit's new clothes line, that shit was ghetto fabulous.
by 2HoT4YoU June 09, 2007
13 35
an alcoholic beverage made of Red Kool-Aid and Scotch, ALWAYS served ON THE ROCKS
Who wants some Ghetto Fabulous?
by Wicked Ho September 30, 2006
19 41
A state of excelerated fabulousness; moreso than fabulous alone. Not necessarily implying a state of poverty, however more applicable when busting out a possession of lesser quality than the standard norm.
Today was a ghetto fabulous freakin' day.
by NeiLiO September 27, 2004
26 48