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style of dress for people from poor families that think designer anything is hot! but its not when you live in a poor neighborhood and dont have a car. but you buy gucci and chanel and Louis vutton because your baby dady is giving you child support.
A young girl lives in the hood, she wants nice things but has little funds. She enlists the help of hot boy and later becomes his (engenue?. So he gives her cash when she wants it she goes out and buys gucci and Louis Vutton instead of buying a car or a home.
by Amberm August 04, 2005
91 71
Girls who can't afford expensive brand name clothing so they buy the cheap rip-offs and adorn themselves with flashy, fake jewlery. Often seen in malls being annoying and screeching over who's going to date so-and-so.
Shannon and Alison ditched class to hang out at the mall and scream at boys passing by, but none of the boys gave them the time of day because Shannon and Alison are ghetto-fabulous.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
36 20
An oxymoron.
Gurl, you wit dat purse be looking so ghetto fabulous.
by Septes May 26, 2009
53 48
obnoxious but better than average looking black girl who is accessorized and thinks her shit doesn't stink
When you've had enough of the loud young black girl on the bus acting stupid on her phone:
"Can you keep it down?"
"Why are you interrupting my convo?"
"Try being ghettofabulous somewhere else, ok?"
by highlyopinionated May 06, 2013
3 0
A poor and rather ghetto, and shabby way of performing something that otherwise would be a traditional and decent way of addressing a situation. Ghettofabulous-ness can range from bringing Kool-Aid and bottles of 40s to a child's birthday party, putting balloons on a tombstone or urn, or being excessively loud and rude.
After the burial, we drove past a small tombstone with a huge bouquet of balloons that read "Happy Birthday Shaqeeta" and streemers that said "Mama Loves You, Boo!"
That's so ghettofabulous!
by okami1113 July 23, 2010
6 7
o0o0o0 ghe-he-toh!! it means something thats ghetto and FABULOUS at the same time!! best word in the world!!
nah, girl, you aint ghettofabulous!
by Marahhh January 16, 2004
44 50
The state of being so fucking fabulous that you are Ghetto.
Black Girl: Gurrlll you are lookin' so ghetto fabulous!

White Girl: Oh shit i should take off the boots
by youknowwhoguys:))) January 18, 2011
8 18