A nice way of putting that you have a fat ass.
by heather October 29, 2003
A round, fat ass that only Black and Hispanic girls have.
Damn, nigga! Lashawndra's got a ghetto booty!
by JACK BAUER July 01, 2003
another word for 'fat ass' meant to sound nicer than it truely is when really the other person is intentionally offending you.
''girl you got a ghetto booty''
''no your booty aint fat it's got ghetto''
by peterpiperpickspeppers March 31, 2009
Guys love them, but women not. What's cool about having a big booty? Instead of using a size 5, using a 7? Having lots of retarded guys looking at your butt while they say silly compliments to call your attention? Plus, even if you don't live in a ghetto place, you are not black or a dark skin latina (but a pale latina instead, like me) and you have a big booty is even worse.
J Lo has a ghetto booty? NO, she's a very average looking niuyorican with an average butt 'cause in Puerto Rico about 90% of women have ghetto booties 'cause Puerto Rico is a huge ghetto.

Ghetto booties are a pain in the ass when is time to buy jeans. Where all the size sevens go?
by lovely_miss_jayjay June 24, 2007

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