ghetto booty is when a female has a big,nice,round butt.Most of the time, black females is considered to have ghetto booties.
"Damn ma, you got that fat ass,she got the ghetto booty!"
by prettyguyanese April 22, 2007
Ghetto booty is somebody ((Bradley Will Simpson)) with a nice ass and a nice body
Brad has a ghetto booty
by yoidk October 03, 2013
esa's booty
awww snap i tap that ghetto booty
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
The assious part that curves out from a girls back a huge ass distance. This curve on a girl makes a boy (or girl depending on the taste) do crazy fucking things.
I slammed that ghetto booty last night.

She could hardly fit that ghetto booty in her pants.

She's got a huge ghetto booty.

Slap that ghetto booty nigga!
by alarmchrono January 01, 2011
Particularly large buttocks often caused by a spine condition called swayback; commonly referred to in a hip hop environment. Expertly displayed by Missy Elliott, Lil Kim and Kelis.
Damn, you see dat ghetto booty?
by Shanizzle September 01, 2006
ghetto botty is the best kind of botty u can get.ghetto botties are the most round full,thinkest u can get
a white guy getting ghetto botty from a mexican-puerto rican girl
by paola_143 August 25, 2005
A woman, (or transvestite), who has a packed, tight ass.
Man: Man, did you see Anna at work today?
Employee: Yeah! I sure would like to tap that ghetto booty!
by bigtoungue08 August 05, 2008

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