A booty that is bootylicious
yo mamma has a ghetto booty
by Yo Daddy August 01, 2003
if you can balance a tray on it, you got ghetto booty.
Oh my, there is a tray balanced on my booty. I must have a ... ghetto booty!
by boot March 14, 2004
A female with a really big butt.
Damn look at that girl she has a ghetto booty.
by RicDog July 29, 2006
when your ass sticks out so much, you can eat your dinner off of it
"DAMMMMNNNNNNNNN look at that ghetto booty"
by Amy January 18, 2004
a bigass ass
Yo check that chick's ghetto booty out!
by amol koldekhar December 08, 2003
A phat fat ass!
Damn, girl! Let me grab some of that fine-ass ghetto booty!
by Nate July 24, 2003
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