describes females with serious package in the rear. Always out of proportion to the remainder of the bdy, but still nice looking.
J-Lo has a ghetto booty
by Lance February 05, 2005
a girl that has a big ass, really big that when guys see it they holla at you
look that girl got a ghetto booty
by lolipopmunchkn May 07, 2003
An ass which juts conspicuously from the body.
Not necessarily in proportion with the rest of the individual.

It has often been espoused that a "proper" ghetto booty is one which a 40oz. bottle of malt liquor can be set upon.
I say, that is serious ghetto booty.
by Fruggler June 18, 2004
big ol ASS
that lady got a plump ass
by Joey April 15, 2004
a girl with an extremely large ass that sticks out everywhere
damn, look at veronicas ghetto booty, its just..... there!!!!
by andy November 20, 2003
A girl with a great booty
Have you seen Carla wiggle her ghetto booty?
by booty-shaking professor July 27, 2011
a big ass mostly found on women
That Girl got a ghettobooty u can see that ass amile away
by Anonymous December 27, 2002

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