a run down area of the city.
every one who lives in winnipeg knows that gordon bell school is ghetto.
man gordon bell is sooo ghetto!
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005
meaning: stupid, queer, retarted, dumb, and otherwise not cool. it's one of the dumbest words ever thought of
Bush is so friggin' ghetto!!!
by miss tease March 09, 2006
hot piece of ass (aka Bri)
If you wanna see the Ghetto, you're just gonna have to WK and see for yourself.
by lms November 27, 2005
When something is tacky/awful/cheap or just ass it usually is ghetto. Can apply to a person/place/thing as well.
Snowman: Lets get big-8 Rootbeer
Coady: That so ghetto

Tycho: Man what is she wearing?
YoNoid: looks pretty ghetto to me
by Foug April 01, 2003
basically meaning black or relating to the black culture
Person 1-yo look at what those ghetto kids are wearin

Person 2-yea i know, their shorts are so fuckin low that they could be pants
by foo bear August 08, 2005
(n.) - cheap, dirty, low, run down houses, often the "projects" of the inner-city
(adj.) - relating to the poor life, just doing what you need to survive
(adj.) middle class white kid talk for hip, cool or happening
1. It was hard, but I soon got a record deal and got my momma outta the ghetto.
2. Drinking "red" kool-aid while listening to Tupac and driving a ford with gold rims is ghetto.
3. Hey Charlie, your new American Eagle sweatshirt is soo ghetto!!
by Hot Boyz April 09, 2003
Someone or something that is very cool,different,stands out or is just plain sick. (Sick in a good way).
What Bob did the other day was mad ghetto!
by K.G. BiTcHeZ July 08, 2005
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