like ghetto but more ghetto titee!
Yo dat fo shizznat G-HETTO!
by Ducklord404 December 20, 2004
Cheap-o generic.
Did you see those new Indiana liscence plates? Damn they ghetto!
by Sedi May 31, 2003
1)opposite of the meaning pimp; to have or see something unappealing.
"man dat shit iz ghetto"
by dick April 12, 2003
using old things in new ways
using a broken hockey stick as a trash sweeper when your a janitor. spelling alright aiite. spelling of uv
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
a run down area of the city.
every one who lives in winnipeg knows that gordon bell school is ghetto.
man gordon bell is sooo ghetto!
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005
meaning: stupid, queer, retarted, dumb, and otherwise not cool. it's one of the dumbest words ever thought of
Bush is so friggin' ghetto!!!
by miss tease March 09, 2006
hot piece of ass (aka Bri)
If you wanna see the Ghetto, you're just gonna have to WK and see for yourself.
by lms November 27, 2005

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