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1. (n.) an impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area of a city, usually troubled by a disproportionately large amount of crime
2. (adj.) urban; of or relating to (inner) city life
3. (adj.) poor; of or relating to the poor life
4. (adj.) jury-rigged, improvised, or home-made (usually with extremely cheap or sub-standard components), yet still deserving of an odd sense of respect from ghetto dwellers and non-ghetto dwellers alike
1. John's paranoia about triple-checking whether or not he's locked his car doors comes from his growing up in the ghetto
2. "Why you always be talkin' ghetto? Get yo'self a propa' e-ju-ma-kay-shun, kid!"
3. Jane hid her head in embarrasment as her mom shamelessly committed the ghetto act of stuffing the restaurant's bread rolls, sugar packets, and silverware in her purse
4. "A TV Guide duct-taped to a 4 foot stick?! That's one hella ghetto 'mote control!"
by k1 October 12, 2001
A ghetto person is someone who doesn't have any education and culture, and that's why they don't even know how to speak good english and they dont know how to dress well because they dont even have enough money, also that's why they make up these words like "nigga" and "yo" and stuff like that, it's mostly related with african-american people, most of them are poor but they like to show something like a fake gold chain and shirts with money logos, but it's because they have never get money
You all ghetto people should go to latin america, europe and even africa, Im sure you'll find that most of the people even if they are poor they are well educated, the money doesnt matter
they cant even say a sentence without either having a grammatical error or a bad word in it
by Felipe Rodriguez February 21, 2006
niggardly, but said in a nicer way. adj.
hakeem stole ryan's bike.
he's so ghetto.
by BKLII November 30, 2005
a town normally in illinois with a lot of people of african american decent.
they are very hood and wear there pants below there waste
they normally eat fried chicke,cornbred and kool aid.
they talk in a gangsta accent and makess up thier own words.
you want to be ghetto
Mallard Ridge is so ghetto!
dayumm mallard Ridge be so ghetto
by nequisha June 18, 2008
a word for some of the coolest ppl u could ever meet!-(this is coming from one of the whitest non-ghetto girl ever. lol.)-
Omg! that girl is hella GHETTO! how sic is that?!?!
by double- M PB January 28, 2008
1.(noun)A place usually called the "hood" Usually populated with African Americans & latinos.

2.(adjetive)A person who is wearing Gucci, Proda, Fendi, Adona...(ect.) usually a female.

3.(adjetive)A person from the hood who acts like a gangsta or have lived in the hood.

1.Lets go up to Chi-Town(Chicago)ghetto or down to ATL(atlanta)ghetto for the summer.

2.My Addidas is looking right with my matching Fendi purse...(friend says)thats what I'm talking about ghetto girl!

3.ghetto people-Kanye West...Mase...J Lo...And most popularly 50 CENT.

4. Laid-back ghetto people- Jiggaman(jayZ a.k.a Hov/hova)
4.Trina's hood side.
by R. Jizzle(neptunetizzle) October 14, 2005
The new allen iverson shoe.
Hey yall checks out my new ghettos and my gold fronts. Stay up playa
by Samantha Koshiol aka the Canksta November 23, 2003
adj. another word for cool. Can be used to describe something you like.
Whoa! Your new shoes are quite ghetto!
by Harry Ape January 04, 2007

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