A type of act or location that is usually pointed towards poverty & crime. The location term of Ghetto usually means a loaction known for having poverty & crime, and is usually home to Hispanics and African Americans. The act term of Ghetto is usally when someone does something in a way that makes them look like their from the Ghetto.
"You dont want to go in the Ghetto at night unless you want to come out with your body full of bullets"

"Nigga that stuff is Ghetto!"

"Yo Koolaid got so much sugar in it, that it's Ghetto"
by Ghetto Knowledge™ July 11, 2007
1) to talk with only slang terms and inproper english

2) now more commonly a state of being, without pride or dignity.
1) did you talk to their child? he's so ghetto.

2) you went to private school, stop trying to be so ghetto.
by jamcracker26 February 16, 2010
(noun, Ghetto; adjective, Ghetto; verb, Ghettoed) a way to describe something that in most cases cannot be described.
yo that donkey wearing a ball-cap is ghetto.

my new solar-powered flash light is ghetto.
by dr. titcock. December 13, 2009
A term used by mainly white people to describe something as poor or of bad personal taste.
white girl: Those pants are soooo totally ghetto.
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009
I) A social, cultural isolation placed upon a minority group. As a derogatory term is mostly used to indicate a neglected, poor and filthy neighborhood, usually crime infested, in a city.

II) The word “Ghetto” is an Italian word that derives from the Venetian (from Venezia) word “Ghèto” (pronounced “get-oh”) which in turn comes from the Italian word “Getto” (pronounced “Je`t-toh” literally translated “Thrown” or “Poured”) from the verb “Gettare”. The term “Ghèto” was used to indicate a small island near Venice which had a “foundry” (the act of pouring liquid metals into a container or form is called in Venetian dialect “Ghèto” still used today when you go to see the glass pouring techniques). Around the XIV-XV Century this island was given to the Jews, of Venezia and surrounding areas, to keep them separated from the aristocracy and general inhabitant of Venezia. In time they all moved and concentrated in this island, either they were money changers or commoners. The Island never took the name “Ghèto” but in time the word changed to “Ghetto” to differentiate the term from both “Getto” and “Ghèto” and to the Italians and surrounding nations the new term indicated where the Jews were “poured or thrown to” or in a nicer term, where they lived in; the word took international footing during WWII when Germans, long time occupiers of Venezia, familiar with this term, used it to indicate first where Jews or Gypsies lived and subsequently were they were kept or concentrated.

III) It also took a different meaning when associated with words such as “golden” (Ghetto Dorato) to indicate where rich and affluent people lived. Today it has still the same meaning indicating an area where people are isolated culturally and socially but it is mostly used in a derogatory way.
don't go there it is a ghetto full of tugs and prostitutes
by Uberrimus May 31, 2006
What people call people who they feel are below them, things you don't have, or don't do. Or what white people, and some black people like to call anything that black people do.
"Oh, I don't have a raggedy house, Stacy, that's ghetto."
"I don't wear bonnets in public because that's ghetto."
"I won't have sex in public, that's ghetto."
"That black woman wearing pajamas is ghetto."
"That Successful black man is ghetto."
"I don't have a diploma, money, or a nice house. That's ghetto."
by CHEY April 12, 2015
When a TV show tries to copy another TV show and nobody watches it because the original TV show was already amazing to begin with.
When "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" copied the original "Once Upon a Time" and everybody agreed that the original "Once Upon a Time" was the best show ever and that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" sucked. "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" was being really Ghetto.
by Autumn Montgomery November 24, 2013
A historic apartment building located on the east bank of the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. This buliding was officially completed on January 19th, 1893. It is inhabited mostly by the talented student athletes of the University, along with a few random exceptions. It is the home to not only people, but also a plethora of animals, insects, and raging parties. It is known to be haunted and infectious with the black plague.
"is that a squirrel?"
"Is this the ghetto?"
"is this porch connected to the building?"
by theblackdeath January 06, 2013
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