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A card that is used for food stamp benefits in some states like Oregon to take the "embarrassment" out of using food stamps.
John bought Doritos and Hot Pockets on his ghetto visa at the convience store, while I had to pay cash.
by A.M.C. April 10, 2006
1. A goverment funded card that is givin to low income people monthly, that can be used to purchase food or necessities with your tax dollars. Commenly called food stamps or cash assistance.
2. A plastc card that is used at local convience stores to buy candy and soda.
3. A complete waste of your tax money.
Today is the first of the month run down to the store with the Ghetto Visa and pick yourself up A 6 pack and some candy for the kids.
by wasteofspace July 18, 2009
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