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a mix of snacks that can be bought in $.25 bags in city grocery stores: Usually a combination pork rinds, flammin' hots, hot fries, and/or hot fritos
Cory: Dan, give me some of your ghetto trail mix.
Dan: Aiigght.
Cory: (shocked) You put Oreos in this?!?!? Shoot, you don't even know what ghetto trail mix is.
by Cory Gerdts January 13, 2007
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any combination of at least three ingredients that can be found in a vending machine, usually containing at least one spicy item.
Jak: What you eatin' there, Epp?
Epp: Ghetto trail mix, dude: pork rinds, oreos, and flamin' hot cheetos.
by Mr. Attack August 11, 2006
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