A person or object that rises above limited means.
My ghetto superstar bicycle got me to school on time every morning.
by L-dogg December 06, 2003
Top Definition
An individual who rises from adversity and disaster to become successful, but still remains true to himself and others...
Wow, that guy is real ghetto superstar
by Diaz September 27, 2003
an individuale that has a face that is utterly defined by the culture in which he or she is surrounded. It is a face that any name can be placed on, therefore they either receive the blunt of socialital anger or benefit from another success
Man orders a drink at a neighborhood bar that his friends bring him too. Bartender gives him a famous name, gives him a drink, and now is a pop star's ghetto superstar
by jump in suit November 25, 2013
A trashy individual usually loud and uneducated and dose not speak properly English. You can recognize a ghetto superstar by any gold teeth, the frequent use of the word “ax,” and a car equipped with spinning rims. Ghetto superstars can found in many different socio economic backgrounds and ethnic groups.
The line at Walmart was full of ghetto superstars.
by cube0081 November 05, 2005
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