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the ruler of the ghetto. usually female.
did you see those people from wainuiomata?, sarah and steph. they rule the ghetto. they are straight up ghetto queens !
by NZ ghetto queens December 23, 2008
30 12
Any gay man(usually black) of lower income or living in an impovershed area.
Those goddamn ghetto queens downstairs had the stereo on all nite and I couldnt sleep
by No Money G June 29, 2004
28 25
a black motha who lives in the inner cities and who struggles to feed her children.
the ghetto-queen is floozin' ta day yo
by the parsh January 31, 2003
9 7
A girl usually between the ages of 12-18 who prefers a boy friend who is "gangsta" or one who has a boyfriend that is "gangsta." This can also apply to wiggers, in some occasions. She may also consider her self "in the ghetto."
Ghetto queen: Oh Jonny take me on your tricked out ride!

Wigger: Fro-sheeeeeeeeezeeeee!

Ghetto queen: Word?

Ghetto queen: I love my myspace and my ghetto queenish ways!
Regular educated male: You will thank me later. *SMACK*
by Atran October 31, 2005
13 23