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or GH) slang for glendale heights, a western suburb of chicago near carol stream and bloomingdale. Notorious for not havin any cops around and being jam packed with minorities. Parties there will guaranteed not get busted by cops, so a bunch of high school minorities always host house parties there that usually end with half the people drunken slobs and the other half high as hell. Ride through and find people sitting on their lawn chairs smokn a joint. CS cops always say they can bust shit there, but its untouchable. Friendly place though, def stop by next time ur on ur way to Costco.
kid 1: "damn that party was the shit. I was high as hell, but i remember people were playing bp off closet doors on the front lawn, wale played all night and the icehouse was warm."

kid 2:"sounds like someone had a night in the ghetto heights!"
by thatkidwholivesortanearchi November 16, 2010
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