please see gay loser
I know someone who is not only ghetto fagulous, but is also a big gay loser.
by sarah February 16, 2004
Top Definition
Ghetto Fagulous is a term used in a similar sense to the term ghetto fabulous however has been transformed and adopted to apply and relate to the homosexual community. What this means is, it is used to describe one who is both "ghetto fabulous" and homosexual.
Those cheetah stockin's you got on girl be fierce.. you lookin all kinds of ghetto fagulous tonight!
by Super Deluxe September 28, 2006
Something that is indescribably annoying, cheap and/or stupid, in a ghetto kind of way.
Bob: Hey Alan, did you see the movie called "In the Mix" with Usher as the lead character?

Alan: Yeah, it was completely ghettofagulous!
by 00010001001001 January 17, 2008
Josh Simon.
Josh is so ghetto fagulous. He needs a good fistin'.
by Sarah and Christa February 11, 2004
Someone who dresses of the ghettoe fabulous style while wear only white, pink, purple and blue. Normaly only in pastel colors.
"Did you see that guy in the Escalade? He was so ghetto fagulous is his baby blue jersy."
by Thomas Munashii September 15, 2005
like one of the worst things to be called. the opposite of ghetto fab
anyone on the Hanford softball and or soccer team
by wv8888 December 15, 2004
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