The state of being so fucking fabulous that you are Ghetto.
Black Girl: Gurrlll you are lookin' so ghetto fabulous!

White Girl: Oh shit i should take off the boots
by youknowwhoguys:))) January 18, 2011
when you are famous in your own hood!
" Damn Denile is Ghetto-Fabulous " as in she owns her own beauty shop and everyone hang out there
by Cera April 25, 2005
adj) When something is 'hip', 'cool'
adj) Something that "ghetto" people think is really nice
1) she loloked proper ghetto-fabulous last night
by Roberta November 09, 2004
Someone who dresses or just buys expensive things, but doesn't really have the money to back it up.
She had a bens and lots of bling, but she still lives in the ghetto.
by Mmm, Tacos March 12, 2003
A brother or person of African desent who at sometimes can act Ghetto and also is Fabulous by acting non Ghetto. This is often confused by an "oreo". The difference is a Ghetto Fabulous guy gets girls of all nationalities because he appeals to each race's type.
Damn, why does that kid bag all the biddies?
Because he is ghetto fabulous
by DJfine101 January 23, 2011
Somone who breathe, laughs, talks, sings, dances, screams, cries, smiles, lives like Rohail Khan.
Getchyo ghetto fabulous ass outta here!
by green eyed freak January 10, 2010
"Ghetto Fabulous" = nouveau riche.

"Ghetto Fabulous" is taking the urban style, attitude, and sensibility and elevating it to a hip fashion trend with a little help from newly acquired wealth.
New money turns you Ghetto Fabulous don't it?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant June 09, 2005

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