abortion, done with a bent clothes hangar, usually in areas where abortions are too expensive for the poor to afford, and done without the use of drugs or anisthetics
She had a ghetto abortion done by her father, without her consent
by flamingbackflip May 30, 2007
Top Definition
Drop-kicking a potential "baby-mama" down the stairs.
Keisha: "I ain't had no puriod yet, so you gon haf to take me to da woman clinic to get anotha abortion."

Terell: "That place is fo' rich-ass white folks! I'm takin you to tha Ghetto Abortion clinic!"

Keisha: "Where that is?"

(Terell leaps five feet in the air, delivers a swift kick to Keisha's forehead, which sends her down five flights of stairs)

Terell: "Aww, snap
by jvarna5 January 30, 2008
When a pregnant "baby-mama" hits the deck hard enough when being shot it, she has just recieved a Ghetto Abortion.
Baby Daddy: "Oh shit Tanashiwa get down!"

Baby Mamma: " Oh shit honey I just got a ghetto abortion."

Bid Daddy: "It ain't my baby....shiiit."
by Zatvia Iduca March 22, 2010
throwing an unwanted newborn baby in a random dumpster
dammit... i cheated on jamal and this came out! i need a ghetto abortion
by yamammy mufuka January 09, 2007
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