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Flemish city in Belgium;
Well know for its hip-hop culture and historical buildings;
Capital of east-flanders
Ghent is da place to be dawg!
by Moren-o June 03, 2005
37 5
1. a difficult situation

2. being difficult
1. Man work was so ghent today
2. Why you so ghent, can't you meet me half?
by JenneJenn December 22, 2009
4 3
An orifice of some kind. Can be used to refer to any sort of orifice but is especially relevant when referring to one belonging to someone of salacious character
i.e. She bent over and showed me her ghent.
by Meadsters April 07, 2009
4 6
Annoying prat on the Relic forums.
ghent is an annoying prat.
by bl December 03, 2004
5 10