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The morning after results of a very spicy curry (suggestion = put your toilet rolls in the fridge for the next day) see rusty water and ring sting
John had severe ghandi's revenge the day after his curry munching.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
The colloquialism term for travelers going into India and accompanied with diarrhea.
Johnny: I drank the distilled water in India!! Oh man, where's the bathroom?
David: Well, it looks like he has Ghandi's Revenge. Ghandi's onto him now.
by VacationDude323 November 06, 2010
Severe diarrhea caused by eating spicy food or stale Taco Bell food.
Aw MAN! I nearly died from Ghandi's Revenge because I had to wait two hours to finish eating my burrito.
by Jake March 05, 2003
EXTREMELY spicy curry. Most non-Indians who eat this will die of massive brain trauma or heart attack
When the British prime minister visited New-Delhi, Ghandi presented him a nice bowl of curry. When the prime minister took a bite of it, he instantly got a heart attack and fell to the floor, dead. It turned out that Ghandi spiked the curry with large amounts of chili powder, making it the spiciest curry ever made. Ghandi's revenge = death.
by Curry Munchist January 07, 2009
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