the video game Guitar Hero
"Hey, what're you up to?"
"Just playin' some gh."
by kamo. March 03, 2007
Abbreviation for the term "guaranteed head", which is in reference to actions taken by a man for a woman to guarantee that she will in return give the man oral pleasure.
Sam: "Dude I took Molly to that fancy italian restaurant."
Roman: "Dude, that is so GH!"
Sam: "Of course dude. She sucked me off right there in the parking lot after dinner."
by Sam Snoogans July 24, 2006
gh-geekin hard. another way to say haha or lol. When something geeks you out.
Jason - "Damn son, I need to stop talking to busted chicks"
Will - "gh you do forreal"
by FranKieT April 03, 2013
after playin a round or a in soccer u swap sides, u say GH meaning good half
score is 8-4 GH swap teams in CS
next round starts
by Ash ' September 04, 2003
Abbreviation for Grand Haven, located in MI really nice beach gorgeous pier
Friend: Hey you going to GH?
Me: GH?
Friend: Grand Haven
Me: I wanna go, pick me up
Friend: Okay
via giphy
by qoodvibes July 04, 2016
Go Hard or Go Home = G H * G H = GH^2
Go Hard or Go Home = gh^2

When you go out and party you are leaving it all out there. If you are holding anything back, go home.
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