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"Go For It"
person a: should I eat this?
person b: gfi
by Greg Ward September 26, 2003
A term used to describe someone who is "Gagging for it"
Person1: Man that chick is DTF. Look at what she is wearing.

Person2: Yeah she is definatlely GFI
by Antyo February 08, 2010
Go fuck itself.

Can also be used as GFH - Go fuck herself/himself.
Twilight can GFI.
Miley Cyrus can GFH.
Lindsay Lohan can GFH.
Kanye West can GFH.
by Anton Holmes December 10, 2009
Go For It. Short name for caring about something. Often used as a support line for a person to continue doing what they are doing and to not give up.
Person A: Yo I think I am gonna give up on macking this girl.
Person B: Nah, GFI man, it's worth it in the end.
Person A: Alright, I'll GFI if you think I got a chance.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
Good Fucking Idea
Some asshole came up here with a gfi and screwed things up for all of us.
by GFI February 22, 2004
GFI first appeared in the small East Melbourne suburb of Forest Hill. First used by young man, A. Kelly, or was it Rhett or Nick? Whatever! What I'm trying to say is one of those guys came up with the word or to be more accurate, abbreviation. It stands for Get Fucked Idiot!
'Hey! I won four-square! Woot!'

'GFI, hatty! That was out, biotch!'

'What? You wanna go?!'

'Come on, bring it on mo'fucka!'
by Jacob Pantich November 23, 2004
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