a word mixed with "gay" and "noob" meaning "gewb". mostly meaning a bf or gf calling there love partner a "gewb".
hey...i love you gewb.

your such a gewb,i love you.
by dummeh bear January 23, 2011
Top Definition
a slang way of saying that someone has special balls.
that man has some pair of gewbs man...
by gewbsandshlabs August 11, 2010
A terribad troll, usually one who knows very little about "trolling" and uses only basic forms. Extremly obvious and much too cocky, there creatures are a massive drain on the internet.
troll: I am better than all of you
sean: dude your bottoming the score board
troll: umad bro?
sean: your a douchebag
troll: UMAD BRO
sean: gewb......
by OneCrazyHonkey September 27, 2011
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