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Legendary rappers that put Houstan Texas on the map. One of the most important groups in Music history
"Watcha listnin to"
"Oh, the Geto Boys"
" The Who...."
by Jared Rogers April 18, 2005
best rap group ever.Better then that wack ass g-unit bullshit.Greatest thing is i have rise against and coheed and cambria on my i pod with them. Wat a combo.
geto boys should shoot g-unit.
by Kr3w for you December 15, 2005
Greatest Rap Group ever made of Bushwick Bill, Scarface, and Willie D (Later Big Mike and others). Especially for white people like myself. Wrote the greatest song ever, "Gangsta Boogie (aka. Gangster of Love)", along with "Six Feet Deep", and "Still".

If I was going to be one man alive it would be Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys.
by GangstaBoogie May 15, 2006