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An urban neologism referring to obtaining cash through other than commonly respectable means; such as by pawning items, selling stolen items, or illegal activity. Generally not in reference to gainful employment.
Punko 1: Yo, i jacked this car stero from a Hundai last night.

Punko 2: Straigt up! Watcha gon do wit it?

Punko 1: Watcha think? I'm gonna to pawn it and get paid.
by jay October 09, 2004
A motivating term used by gym-aholics while lifting weights.
Adrian: One more set, come on bro get paid!
by ladypeña August 30, 2013
A euphemism for get laid; useful when in hearing distance of polite company.
Oh man, it has been like a week since I got paid.
by Grampa Irving February 13, 2005
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