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An urban neologism referring to obtaining cash through other than commonly respectable means; such as by pawning items, selling stolen items, or illegal activity. Generally not in reference to gainful employment.
Punko 1: Yo, i jacked this car stero from a Hundai last night.

Punko 2: Straigt up! Watcha gon do wit it?

Punko 1: Watcha think? I'm gonna to pawn it and get paid.
by jay October 09, 2004
A motivating term used by gym-aholics while lifting weights.
Adrian: One more set, come on bro get paid!
by ladypeña August 30, 2013
To masturbate, particularly at work, on the job. The meaning is derived from spanking it while working in white collar settings. If one chooses to do this, say in a broom closet, server rack in a datacenter, anywhere moderately private, he or she will have earned a fraction of their regular wages for wacking it.

The longer one spanks it, the more money they earn. However the longer they spank it, the more they risk chaffing or getting caught. Ideally, it is best to limit "Getting Paid" to under 5 minutes.
Cool Guy #1: Dude I just got paid in the server room. I just earned $3.50 for that.

Cool Guy #2: I havent had to get paid in a long time, but I may have to if my lady keeps blue balling me. Dumb Whore.
by Phother January 19, 2011
A euphemism for get laid; useful when in hearing distance of polite company.
Oh man, it has been like a week since I got paid.
by Grampa Irving February 13, 2005

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