a phrase that someone says after they had done something extremely extravagant, or is trying to talk trash to the opposite party; synonym for "bring it on" or "try to top that, bitch!"
Person 1: YES! I just got the new high score in this old school pac-man game. Get at me!

Person 2: Stop being a cocky-ass, you c**t!
by mastajizz April 07, 2009
Top Definition
respond to
halla back
example: at the end of the new eminem song bully em says get at me dawg challengin the people he disses in it to respond to the song
by "the n" March 08, 2004
verb, slang
a combination of "get some" and "come at me"
used specifically to show how much better you are than other people.

Its also possible to use this phrase in a sexual manner, although rare.
ex. 1: (Tom completely owns Jim in a competition)
Tom: 25-0, that's game
Jim: I wanna rematch
Tom: Get at me faggot

ex. 2: (Billy has a crush on Annie)
Billy: Hey Annie!!
Annie: Do you wanna fuck me or something?
Billy: That'd be fun!
Annie: Whatever, get at me
by daggermaster November 04, 2011
Phrase that means, "Check me out." Used when bragging.
Felix: Oh shit, you murked that fool!
Alton: Get at me bitch.
by MaddSkillzAllDaySon June 28, 2010
to flirt with a girl or show sexual interest
damn! he hella tryna get at me! look at this text! he was all, your hella fine and your ass is fucking nice
by AqueenBEOTCH June 28, 2010
to tell someone to hook up with,to go out with,or to have sex with someone
tanisha fine she need to get at me.
by The Oxsomist May 23, 2007
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