To grab someone on the balls with incredible force with the intent to inflict severe pain and discomfort. A method of interrogation used by the Nazi Gestapo who discovered that even the most hardest of men would spill the beans when their jewels were being crushed.
Dude why are you walking so funny?
Well i was hitting on some chick in the bar and said the wrong thing. Next thing i knew she gave a me gestapo and i was on the ground puking
by schizer December 07, 2006

*Nazi Germany's secret police. As militant & heavily-armed as the wehrmacht.

*A hack used to refer to a person (lotsa times a cop) who barges into your property for unofficial reasons and thus invades your privacy.
"Many cops today have gone gestapo. -_- that's what happens when people abuse their freedoms?"
by Dave March 26, 2004
1. (n) An overzealous or snooping boy/girlfriend.

2. (v) To constantly look over someone's shoulder or give the third degree.

3. The act of snooping/giving the 3rd degree.
1. I caught Gestapo reading through my emails.

2. I would have gone out last night, but I didn't want to be gestapo'd by my girlfriend.

3. My girlfriend pulled full gestapo on me about last night.
by Robert MacKenzie August 29, 2005
Refers to the Saxophone section in Florida A&M University's Marching Band known as the Marching '100' or "da 100". Also known as Soulful Saxes or S phi S
The Gestapo are bringing the heat on the band field!
by CrazyXTC April 10, 2006
Verb: To slap or punch a sleeping person with the intent to cause as much pain as possible, usually in a group, continuing after the person has awakened.
I hardly got any sleep last night. I must have been gestapoed about twenty times, at least.
by joeyjoeymc June 12, 2011
Generally a person that attempts to break up a fun situation that is not nearly out of hand, or something similar to that context. AKA party Pooper
Steve was leaning on a railing laughing with his friends. One of his friends said, "Oh snap, its the gestapo!. Steve quickly got off the railing, instantly the laughter stopped. As the gestapo approached she growled "Stop playing around with that blasted railing!... this is'ant gym class!".
by Marluncar December 12, 2009
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